The Good News of a Suffering Servant

Intro to The Gospel of Mark.

The Christmas tree has been taken down. The new calendar has been put up. (My mom got me a page-a-day calendar of Mr. Rogers’ quotes. Today’s is “We are all neighbors.” I can already tell it will help lower my blood pressure.) There is something about a new year that feels hopeful. Or at least, we hope for it to be hopeful.

We’re going to begin the year by spending some time with Jesus. Starting off any year with Jesus is a good idea, but this year it seems especially necessary. We went through a lot in 2020. And as much as we’d like to believe otherwise, a new year doesn’t begin in a vacuum. We’re all carrying difficult things into 2021. Fixing our eyes on Jesus will help us prepare for whatever this year brings.

Just so we’re starting on the same page, a little refresher. The Bible contains four books — or Gospels — about the life of Jesus: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The word gospel means “good news” in Greek(And we can all use some good news, right?!)

Many of the same stories are found in more than one Gospel. But they are told from different perspectives. Each Gospel writer is telling us something unique about Jesus.

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