Station V: Pilate on Trial

Stations of The Cross Video Series

As the sun begins to rise on Friday morning, Jesus is taken to stand trial before the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate. But is it Pilate, frazzled and frenzied, who's really on trial?

As we visit Station V and witness the fascinating interaction between Jesus and Pilate, we'll consider the ways we are tempted to turn our back on truth.

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P.S. I am really enjoying doing this series! But putting together the videos has been a bit more time-consuming than I thought. (Respects to all video editors out there!) Because of this, I probably won't get through all 14 stations before Easter. (Whomp-whomp!)

I want to do the best job with these videos as I can, so I plan on continuing for however long it takes to finish. We'll eventually get to Easter, I promise! And since Eastertide lasts for seven weeks, we'll still be in an appropriate season for celebration! :)