Following Jesus Into The Unknown

Following Jesus means following him into the suffering.

I had to get a new phone last weekend.

I’m one of the few people on earth who still has a flip phone. Because of my disability, the buttons on a flip phone are much easier to use. But on Saturday, all the buttons stopped working. (I probably dropped it one too many times.) It was torturous because I was still receiving text messages, but I couldn’t open them. (Okay, maybe describing the situation as “torturous” is a bit dramatic, but it felt like it!)

On Sunday, I went to the store and purchased the only flip phone in stock. But my SIM card wasn’t able to transfer over, so now I have a brand new phone with zero contacts in it. I can’t even look up numbers from my old phone since the buttons don’t work! I have to build my contact list back up from scratch, which seems like a daunting task. (Although it is fun to guess who’s texting you and see how long you can keep the conversation going before saying, “By the way, who is this?!”)

Having to begin anew can be frustrating. But new beginnings can also be a good thing.

The book of Mark begins with God’s people on the brink of something new.

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