Crying Over Dropped Quesadillas

Today my wife and I got some Tijuana Flats to go.

When we came home, I sat down to enjoy my delicious chicken quesadilla. As I picked up the first piece, I took a bite and then promptly dropped it on the floor. It was like someone just slapped it right out of my hand!

There goes 25% of my quesadilla. I felt like crying. I was looking forward to this meal all day!

Sure, I still had 75% of my dinner safely in the styrofoam takeout box, but I couldn't stop thinking about the piece I dropped.

Something like this could have easily ruined my night. Seriously, I could see myself moping around for the rest of the evening.

I had a choice to make right there. Was I going to focus on what I lost or be content with what I had?

Miraculously, I took a deep breath and decided to move on. (It's not because of how holy I am. It probably had more to do with the cookie dough flautas waiting in the wings to ease my pain.) But I can't tell you how often I let little things spoil my contentment for the whole day. I focus on the 25% of the quesadilla that I lost rather than the 75% I still have.

What about you? What can ruin your contentment for the day?

And what are some ways you can focus on the things you have instead of what you don't?