Christmas Is about God Obliterating Distance

Born to be the death of distance.

This month, I’m taking a look at the Christmas story through the lens of songs. Songs have a way of revealing truth to me in a way few other art forms can. (That’s why I love musicals so much!) We hear the Christmas story every year, and it can become so familiar to us. But sometimes, hearing one simple lyric can help me experience it in a fresh way.

Last week, I looked at the song “Do You Hear What I Hear?” We were reminded that hope shivers in the wind. This week, we’re looking at a lesser-known song, but one that cuts to the heart of Christmas.

I’m privileged to attend a church where the Worship Pastor, Andy Simonds, is also a talented songwriter. Andy has a way of expressing profound truths in beautiful ways. He wrote a song called “Death of Distance” for a Christmas album recorded by my church. (You can listen to it here. It’s the last song, but the whole album is worth a spin!)

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