Carrying Crosses (& 2 Updates!)

Stations of The Cross Video Series

It is now post-Easter (good news for everyone!), but I'm going to continue with my Stations of the Cross video series. (The perfectionist in me wanted to quit when I didn't finish it by Easter... but I'm trying to rid myself of that guy!) But first, I have two quick updates...

1. I'm a dad! Emmett Noble was born on March 31st. On April 2nd, he was placed for adoption with me and my wife, Diana. Emmett means "truth" (and, of course, is the name of Dr. Emmett Brown!) His birth mom chose the middle name Noble. We are so humbled that she chose us to be this little guy's parents. We are amazed by her courage and strength.

It's been a crazy, fun week adjusting to this new #DadLife! (I'm told that's a thing.) If you have any parenting advice for newbies, I'd love to hear it! Just hit Reply and pour out the wisdom! :)

2. After I finish up this video series, I have another exciting project in the works: You are going to help me write my next devotional book!

As you may know (depending on how long you've been a subscriber), the content for my first two books started as newsletter posts. It was such a great way to create content that I'm going to do it again. And this time I'm planning on making it a bit more interactive! More info to come.

Okay, so after those two updates there's no good way to segway back into the Stations of the Cross series. So now for the hard turn...

We're journeying with Jesus down the Way of Sorrows, using the Scriptural Stations of the Cross as our guide.   

After Jesus is scourged, he is forced to carry his own cross to The Skull—the site where he will be executed. For Jesus' friends, this was a shocking turn of events. How could things end like this? But Jesus had warned his followers that this day was coming. His call was always to embrace suffering, not run from it.  

As we visit Station VII, we'll consider the problem of suffering. How can a good God exist if there is suffering in the world?

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